What we offer

Supported & Independent Living Services.

Supported Living Services                 Independent Living Services

What is supported living?

PALS Supported Living Services are carefully designed to express, primarily our clients' goals and objectives in their overall long-term vision of independence. For those family members, friends and professionals interested in the client's well-being, individual goals and objectives are specifically detailed for review in our own comprehensive support plans. PALS instruction is delivered through a one-to-one instructor-to-client ratio. Supported living services span the broad range of activities and skills necessary for an independent adult lifestyle. These areas include, but are not limited to, money management, personal hygiene, household and shopping management, establishing community contacts, social recreation and the building of relationships.

PALS Supported Living Services operates and instructs outside the boundaries of conventional support programs and provides the support individuals need to gain greater independence and self-reliance in their lives. Utilizing individually tailored service designs, PALS offers personalized instruction in order to better assist clients in living a more independent adult lifestyle.

Program Philosophy

PALS is dedicated to providing appropriate support services for adults with special needs.

PALS is designed to assist individuals in achieving their goals and objectives in all areas of life. The aim of PALS is to respectfully and responsibly develop each consumer's program design to suit their individual needs, goals, and aspirations. 

PALS does not operate as a special needs program in which consumers are categorized or grouped according to disability (within the organization and outside community), but rather, supports a true supported living philosophy. PALS faithfully adheres to the premise that individuals with disabilities, regardless of the nature of severity, can be successfully integrated into their surrounded community through supports (professional and natural), one-to-one instruction, and effective training techniques. Such supports are always age appropriate and directly related to a client's successful participation in community life.

We provide

  • Personally Designed Services growing out of the needs of the individuals whom we serve.
  • Community Integration by supporting participation in the community.
  • Social Integration through involvement in appropriate disabled and non-disabled social settings.
  • Personal Empowerment by teaching and developing a personal philosophy geared towards independence and self-empowerment.
  • Individual Choice, the ability to express one's wants, needs, goals and desired lifestyle.
  • Ownership of Services, allowing the client to have input and authority over the direction of their own services.
  • Personal Timelines in which staff work with clients at their own pace, maximizing both comfort and skill retention so as to achieve lasting independence.
  • Networking to become aware of other people and groups in the community and to learn how to participate with them.



What are independent living services?

Independent Living is defined as a program that provides adults with developmental disabilities functional living skills training necessary to secure a self-sustaining independent living situation in the community and/or provide the support necessary to maintain those skills. Independent Living Services will include but are not limited to instruction in cooking, cleaning, meal preparation, menu planning, mobility training, personal health and hygiene skills, self-advocacy training, etc.


PALS ILS is committed to supporting adults (18+) with developmental disabilities to become self-sufficient by promoting independent living skills that empower them to achieve a more independent adult lifestyle in their choice of residence and community.

Program Philosophy

  • PALS ILS is committed to supporting individuals with developmental disabilities in order to enhance the personal skills needed for an independent lifestyle.
  • PALS ILS adheres to a program that promotes learning, empowerment, and self-sufficiency through support and instruction.
  • Individually tailored services will be provided to participants who desire greater independence and self-reliance in their lives.
  • All services and supports will be age appropriate and specifically designed around the individual's needs.

Who is PALS?

PALS has been providing quality services to adults with developmental disabilities for over 18 years. Established in 1998, PALS has been dedicated to assisting individuals to live independently in their own homes. PALS specializes in personally designed services that are tailored fit to suit the individual's needs.

location of services

Training and services provided will be rendered both in the home and community. PALS ILS provides services to individuals who reside in Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center and Inland Empire Regional Center catchment areas.

staffing ratio

PALS ILS provides services on a one-to-one basis. Each individual will receive personal support services from the support person of their choice.