Supported &

 Independent Living Services


Promoting Independence since 1998

PALS is dedicated to providing age appropriate support services for adults with special needs.

PALS is designed to assist individuals in achieving their goals and objectives in all areas of life. The aim of PALS is to respectfully and responsibly develop each consumer's program design to suit their individual needs, goals, and aspirations. 

PALS does not operate as a special needs program in which consumers are categorized or grouped according to disability (within the organization and outside community), but rather, supports a true supported living philosophy. PALS faithfully adheres to the premise that individuals with disabilities, regardless of the nature of severity, can be successfully integrated into their surrounded community through supports (professional and natural), one-to-one instruction, and effective training techniques. Such supports are always age appropriate and directly related to a client's successful participation in community life.






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We Believe In:

Personally designed services

growing out of the needs of the individuals we serve.          

personal empowerment

teaching and developing a personal philosophy geared towards independence and self-empowerment.

community integration

supporting integration and participations in the community.

Individual choice

ability to express one's wants and needs, goals and lifestyle.

social integration

through involvement in appropriate disabled and non-disabled social settings.

ownership of services

having input and authority over the direction of one's own services.